Senpai Veronica Sandubrae

Veronica Sandubrae, C.P.A.

  Senpai Veronica  Sandubrae began her training in Isshinryu Karate in 2008 under the instruction of Grand Master Arnold R. Sandubrae, Hanshi and Sensei Aaron R. Sandubrae, Shihan.  Years later after proving herself a capable student, with Hanshi Sandubrae's permission, she transferred to train directly under her husband  Shihan Sandubrae.   After years of  hard work, she has earned the rank of Ni-Dan ( 2nd Degree Black Belt) and the title of Senpai.   

  Mrs. Sandubrae is Shihan Sandubrae's  Senior Student and Assistant Instructor.  She  is the leader of the Women's Self-Defense Program at American Okinawan Karate Academy LLC d.b.a. Isshinryu Karate Sandubrae.  Mrs. Sandubrae  has had the privilege to train directly with Hanshi Sandubrae's top students including Master Pat McConnell and Master Jay Doster.  She has trained extensively with Shihan Sandubrae for over a decade and is a wonderful  teacher and student.   She is well on her way to becoming a great Sensei soon. 

  Over the years Mrs. Sandubrae has competed in  many tournaments and collected  many trophies in Kata, Kumite and  Weapons.  At the Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament in 2018 Veronica was a Finalist  for Female Karate-Ka of the Year and took 1st place in Black Belt  Kumite.  Like her Sensei, she understands the benefits of competition, however, she also  believes that Martial Arts is not about winning  trophies, it is about Self-Defense and Self-Improvement.  As a female she  is very passionate about teaching women how to defend themselves.   She believes all women should have the opportunity to learn the empowering techniques that she has had the privilege to learn and teach .  


 Mrs. Veronica Sandubrae, C.P.A. is the Chief Financial Officer at American Okinawan Karate Academy LLC d.b.a. Isshinryu Karate Sandubrae in Piedmont, Oklahoma .  She is also the Financial Services Manager at LSB Industries, Inc.  where she has worked for nearly a decade.


 Veronica is also a talented screenplay writer.  She has written several screenplays independently.   Most recently she co-authored  the Martial Arts  screenplay, "53 Seconds", with her husband,  Aaron R. Sandubrae, Shihan (Master Instructor).  Copies available upon request!


 "In addition to being a successful business woman and excellent student and teacher,  Veronica is the Most Excellent Mother and Wife anyone could hope for! "

 -Sensei Aaron R. Sandubrae

Women's Self-Defense Program!

 We offer a Complete Women's Self-Defense Course at our Dojo at least 3 times a year! The course is a comprehensive 2 day event, 4 1/2 hours Sat and 5 1/2 hours Sun, and covers a wide range of techniques, both standing and ground, to address the most common attacks a woman is likely to  face in  assault situations. This class is taught by Mrs. Sandubrae with Master Sandubrae overseeing the class. To ensure you feel  comfortable in a  safe environment only women are allowed to attend the classes.