Master Jay Doster, Go-Dan (5th Degree Black Belt)

We Have Lost a Member of Our Isshinryu Karate Family:

  Doster  Sensei passed away on December 1, 2015. Our thoughts and  prayers go out to all of his family and friends.
Rest In Peace Doster Sensei.

  Master  Jay Doster began his training under Hanshi Arnold R. Sandubrae in May  of 1984.  Sandubrae Hanshi describes Doster Sensei as "one of his best  and most loyal students."  As a Sensei it is an Honor and Privilege to  teach all of our students.  We respect and love them all.  We also  recognize that over the years through dedication, hard work,  determination and loyalty certain students distinguish themselves as  true leaders of a Dojo.  These students go the extra mile and never ask  for special recognition.   Doster Sensei was one of these students.  He  was admired and loved by all at American Okinawan Karate Academy and  Most Of All By his Sensei and Friend, Hanshi Arnold R. Sandubrae!

  Jay's list  of achievements both in and out of the Dojo are numerous.  His  accomplishments in life and karate will live on in those he left behind.  Below is just a small list of his achievements in karate:

Doster Sensei had  the honor of meeting the four Grandmasters,  Master Long, Master  Armstrong, Master Nagel, Master Mitchum, who brought Isshinryu karate to  the United States.

  In 1998 he won First Place in the Heavyweight Black Belt fighting division at the Isshinryu Hall of Fame tournament.
  In 1999 he received the "Male Karate-ka of the Year" at the Isshinryu Hall of Fame banquet. 

Sensei Doster operated his own Dojo for a time, The Morongo Valley School of Isshinryu.
Master Doster taught and trained at the Cathedral City Dojo until his passing in 2015. 

Master Jay Doster
Master Jay Doster