Master Hansen Visiting the Sandubrae Isshinryu Dojo in Oklahoma.

Visiting Isshinryu Masters

Visiting Isshinryu Masters


We  are Honored and humbled by the opportunity to host Visiting Masters  from time to time.  These Masters take the time away from their Dojo to  travel to our Dojo and it is always a pleasure to learn from them and  share in Isshinryu. Hanshi Sandubrae has always told us to "be willing to learn from anyone who is willing to teach."  I believe that there is  always something more to learn.

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Want to Come Visit Our Dojo?

It is always a special treat to have visiting Masters as our Guest.  If you are an Isshinryu  Master and would like to visit our Dojo, please contact Sandubrae Shihan via the link below!