Master Pat McConnell

Master Pat McConnell, Shichi-Dan

  Master Pat McConnell began his training under Grand Master Arnold R. Sandubrae, Ku- Dan/Hanshi in May of 1978.  He was the fourth student to join Hanshi Sandubrae's newly opened Dojo in California. It didn't take long before he knew he found a home.  Master McConnell has been the second in command Instructor in Hanshi Sandubrae's California Dojo's for over 40 years.    

 "He is the most Respectful and Loyal  Student a Sensei could ask for." -Hanshi Sandubrae 


  Master McConnell had the honor of meeting and training with the four Grand Masters,  Master Long, Master  Armstrong, Master Nagel,  and Master Mitchum, who brought Isshinryu karate to  the United States.    

  Master McConnell has successfully attended numerous tournaments and has competed in all of them over the years winning many trophies in Kata, Kumite and Weapons.  Master McConnell was, and still is, a fierce competitor and is a very skilled Master. 

 Master McConnell was named "Male Instructor of the Year" in 1998 at the Isshinryu Hall of Fame.       

Grand Master Sandubrae

Hanshi Arnold R. Sandubrae's lineage traces back to  some of the Best Isshinryu Masters in the World, including his long time instructor, Hanshi-Sei Harold Long, Hanshi Willie Adams, Hanshi Joel Chandler,

 Master Bob White and Master Sam Santilli 

and More.................